Chapter 2 Page 5!

All this time there was a backup plan? In addition to Angila's Boiling-Pot back up plan? As well as the All-Seeing-Eye plan? Can't blame Bethany for not being able to keep up.


Chapter 2 Page 2!

Simmer down Angi! Nothing like a hot head to rev the Siren's Song back into effect. Hopefully she doesn't attract too much attention...


Escape from Haven's Bay Page 1 !!

So excited to finally put this out here! Page one is finished, and page two is on the way! It's been a wild ride getting Chapter Two ready, and I can't wait for you all to meet the rest of the crew ... and find out more about Angila's affliction; The Siren's Song!


Store is Open!

Hey fellow Sirens! You're free to read online, but if you're like me and enjoy sitting back with a hard copy of a paperback, then jump on over to the store! 

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