Meet Gail

Let's keep this going, shall we? Gail's always got some scheme up her sleeve, and most of the time, they pan out just fine. 

Gail Character Sheet.jpg

Meet Azita

Hello fellow Sirens! Wow, it's been awhile. I'm sorry I haven't uploaded anything in awhile. I can't say what caused it, but some time around the Plastic City comic con, I decided to make some great changes to the look of "The Siren's Song." I've been reworking my old pages to fit into the new style. Once I start uploading new and REVISED pages again, you'll get the idea. 


But until then, enjoy this character sheet on one of the more stealthy Sirens; Azita.

Azita Character Sheet.jpg

Chapter 2 Page 5!

All this time there was a backup plan? In addition to Angila's Boiling-Pot back up plan? As well as the All-Seeing-Eye plan? Can't blame Bethany for not being able to keep up.


Chapter 2 Page 2!

Simmer down Angi! Nothing like a hot head to rev the Siren's Song back into effect. Hopefully she doesn't attract too much attention...


Escape from Haven's Bay Page 1 !!

So excited to finally put this out here! Page one is finished, and page two is on the way! It's been a wild ride getting Chapter Two ready, and I can't wait for you all to meet the rest of the crew ... and find out more about Angila's affliction; The Siren's Song!


Store is Open!

Hey fellow Sirens! You're free to read online, but if you're like me and enjoy sitting back with a hard copy of a paperback, then jump on over to the store! 

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