Page 10 is out!

Took a while to get this one out, but I’ve got a few pages ready to go. I think I can keep up with the page-a-week pace for now… but honestly, I still have no idea how to do any of this. Time management gets tough when you work freelance. Crossing fingers I can keep ahead of it!

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Angila Guan-te-Gao, Captain of the Sirens

Cursed with the Siren’s Song, Angila suffers in a dreamlike state whenever a series of musical notes are played. Few amongst her crew know of her affliction, even less know how she got it. When it comes to finding the cure to what ails her, there’s no beast that will stand in her way. Not even the legendary Last Basilisk of the Tethys Ocean …

Angila Character Sheet.jpg

Back at it with Rose

I’ve been inactive for 7 months. Work has picked up dramatically, and honestly I got a little discouraged with Sirens. I spend my time away from Sirens working on something I called Nick’s Important Documents; a collection of dorky video game nonsense that brings me joy. Feel free to check it out at

I’ve had a nice break. Now I’m ready to get back into the Sirens. So lets start off with a little bit on Rose. Chief Mate. The right hand of Angila. Naturally carefree, until she needs to sort out Angila’s Visions…

Rose Character Sheet.jpg

Ruby Friday Post

My wife and I are going on holiday for the next week and a half, so I thought I'd post this early.

She may not have opposable thumbs, but she's still a Siren. Bonus high fives to anyone who can guess three of the languages Ruby speaks. Super high tens to anyone who can decode the other two "languages"!

Ahoy Chip!

Who wouldn't enjoy the solitude of a crow's nest? Time away from the hustle and bustle on and below decks. Time to play your conch, or work on your widdle. When it comes to Chip, she's always got some project to work on.

Chip Character Sheet.jpg


"Now she's a large lass!" "What'd YOU eat for breakfast?" 
Leave it out. Don't go troublin' Sommer. She's got enough on her mind. 

Sommer Character Sheet.jpg


Hey! It was my birthday this weekend! Ice cream cake, BBQ, grilling' dogs, and many other unhealthy food decisions. But enough about me...

Meet Satomi; the Sirens' cook and a general good-vibes type of person. From salted meats to scurvy reducing fruits, Satomi knows how to make 'em taste swell. She grew up with a fleet of Khadi "free folk", unbounded by the laws of nationality, free to sail the world in search of any friendly port. In fact, her family crossed paths with Rose's many a time during their youth.

Satomi Character Sheet.jpg

Marcelina the Bosun

As a former Rouge Lieutenant, Marcelina considers herself to be the most disciplined member of the Sirens. She is practiced in the traditional fencing style used throughout the Navy. She is a crack shot on her Bandaq, able to hit targets at a hundred yards. If she hadn't been uncovered as a woman, she might have just risen to the ranks of Commander. Lucky for the Sirens, Marcelina fled the Rouge long before the gender discrimination laws were scrapped.

Marcelina Character Sheet.jpg

Good Morning Bethany!

What a weekend! Saw Ocean's 8. Ran a bunch with my wife. Ate a lot of ice cream. Saw Alt J in concert. Watched a bunch of Daria (Season 1). Walked around Brooklyn and loved every minute of it. 

But enough about me! Who's this posh little goofball? This aspiring writer wanted more than golden chalices and well piped furniture, so she sprung out in pursuit of adventure! Little did she know how swept away she could get in a life on the sea.

Bethany Character Sheet.jpg

Kiri and Zuri, Smoke and Mirrors

I'm going to say every character is my favorite, but Kiri and Zuri might just be my favorite pair. After meeting each other while being separately pursued by various angry crowds, their combined cunning led to their escape. From then on, the two were inseparable, using each other's talents to cover their own weaknesses. 

Zuri Character Sheet.jpg